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Your joy on the next trip on one of sailing yachts, catamarans, in one of most beautiful sailing areas in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Turkey is sure to grow. It doesn't matter whether it starts in spring, in summer or in autumn, everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break.

We have put together valuable tips and information on the travel pharmacy for all holiday. On board of each yacht there is a first aid kit in accordance with national guidelines. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carry your own on-board pharmacy with you.

What should the on-board pharmacy ideally contain? 

Here we give you an overview of which medicines should definitely be included in your on-board pharmacy. If the travel pharmacy kit is complete, there is no need to worry about minor illnesses occurring on board. Most of the time, you don't need them if you bring them with you. (We do not want to advertise a specific medical product in this tips, but only make recommendations.)

On-board pharmacy checklist: what basic set of medications do we recommend for your yacht charter?

Medicines that have to be taken regularly should be carried in sufficient quantities.

Anti-diarrheal medicine 

Medication for fever or pain 


Sun protection

Means to repel insects 

Ear drops containing antibiotics  and decongestant nose drops 

Which other medicines and other means for treating wounds should not be missing in the on-board pharmacy?

Please note that you cannot rely on good medical care in every region. We therefore recommend including these medications in your on-board pharmacy:

Travel sickness medication 

Medicines for cold symptoms (cold, cough, hoarseness)

Ointment or gel for sprains or bruises 

Medicines for stomach/intestinal cramps or menstrual problems

Itching and pain-relieving gel for sunburn or insect bites 

Wound and healing ointment and disinfectants

If necessary, a broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribed by the doctor 

Gauze (6 and 8 cm wide), elastic bandage (8 cm wide)

Plasters and steri-stripes, Peha-haft (adhesive bandages)



Disposable gloves

Safety pins

Clinical thermometer

Glasses wearers: spare glasses or contact lenses

What else should sailors take with them?

Bandage material: bandage, sterile compresses, triangular cloth, tape

Skin and soft tissues: lip protection, blister plasters

Food supplement, e.g. mineral salt mixture or vitamin supplements

Medicine for seasickness

What else should you consider?

Known medicine intolerance (best to write it down on a piece of paper together with the long-term medication, previous illnesses and personal data

when taking your medication please pay attention to the time differences 

Import restrictions on certain medicines

recommended / required vaccinations

climatic factors: Please note that most medicines should not be stored above 35 degrees. Do not expose your on-board pharmacy to direct sunlight

So, get your on-board pharmacy ready early - then you won't have to think about it later and can enjoy a carefree and safe yacht holiday  We look forward to welcoming you back on board soon.

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