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Your well-deserved vacation is finally upon and there are only a few days left until your sailing journey starts. All crew members are certainly looking forward to their trip.

One more important step on site before you finally go on board and that is the check-in at the base. So that you can board quickly and start your journey, we give you tips for a smooth check-in.

In order for the check-in to go faster, you should take a few things into account before you start your sailing trip. So there is a win-win situation. We can prepare themselves well for you and your crew and you can start your trip earlier.

Travel pass: Why is the travel pass important?

After you have fully paid for your charter, you have already received the travel pass with all the important information about your sailing destination and all the necessary contact details. The best thing to do is to read it carefully again before your trip, even if you have already sailed with SailBoat Travel.

In your travel pass you will find all the information on how to get here, the parking situation, supermarket, payment options, etc. 

Crew List: Why is the Crew List important?

The crew list should be completed at least 1 week before the start of the charter. As soon as you book you will also receive the link to the online crew list with each payment confirmation and finally with the travel pass. In most cases, the crew is already known at the time of booking - hence a tip from our side to avoid stress before the start of the journey: fill in the data right at the beginning. Changes can be made at any time. Please fill in all data completely. The more precisely it is filled out, the faster the check-in will be. If no crew list is filled out, a delay in check-in must also be expected. The crew list is an official document that is sent to the ministry on the check-in day and therefore the completeness and correctness of the data is essential.

If you have booked a skipper, his data will be filled in by the base. The booked skipper does not have to be listed in the crew list.

Arrival Time - why is arrival time important?

Your crew list must also include the arrival time. Indicating the arrival time helps the base to coordinate the cleaning teams and the service team more efficiently. Don't get us wrong though, that doesn't mean the ship is ready at that time. An early check-in can be booked separately - but availability is also limited here.

But don't worry, you can never be at your holiday destination too early. Because every base has its own special features and the holiday can begin immediately. Whether it's a little stroll through town, a leisurely ice cream, a small snack or even shopping for provisions - the holiday begins as soon as you start at home.

If you are late, which of course can also happen, please let the base know. You will find the contact details in the travel pass. If you arrive very late, a check-in for the next day may be arranged, because a good check-in also takes time.

Finally arrived - now it's time to start with the check-in on site

Important: The check-in always consists of two parts.

Beginning with the handling of all formalities in the charter office
AND then the technical check-in takes place with the technician on board the yacht.

What documents are required?

In order to be able to check-in for you as quickly as possible, please have the following documents ready:

ID: Please bring your passport or ID card with you. We also recommend making a copy of it or taking a picture of it, just in case it gets lost.


Crew list in copy

Original skipper license

Travel pass

Charter contract in copy

Cash or by credit card – how to pay what?

Your travel pass will state which additional services are to be paid for, in which currency and whether these can be paid for in cash or by credit card. Please also note that a deposit for any damage must be paid in cash or by credit card. This always depends on your booked holiday destination. It is therefore important that you read the travel pass carefully before you arrive!

As soon as you have successfully completed the formal check-in at the charter office, the skipper will be informed when the yacht is ready for the technical inspection.

The technical check-in of the yacht.

After the formal check-in has been completed and the yacht is ready to be cleaned and serviced, the skipper can board with the co-skipper. In the meantime, the luggage stays in the car (if you are arriving by plane, there is space for it in the office) and the crew can wait comfortably with a cool drink in the next bar. The skipper receives a check-in list, which he uses to check the ship himself together with his co-skipper. This helps to get to know the ship better and questions or deficiencies are noted and then clarified with the Charter technician.

All questions are clarified together with the technician and there is an introduction to the on-board electronics, a check of the toilets, instruction in the engine compartment, a check of all safety-related equipment and information about all valves on board.

When is the earliest I can check in?

Normally check-in is possible from 5 p.m. However, this time is not set in stone. It depends on a variety of factors whether your yacht may be ready a little earlier or whether there may be delays. One of the biggest factors is the condition in which the yacht was returned by the previous crew. Is there damage or other technical defects that need to be fixed? Will the ship be left swept clean as agreed or must all the rubbish be disposed of by the cleaning staff before the scheduled work can begin?

Therefore, always think of the next crew, who are already looking forward to your vacation.

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